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Become a mentor

A mentor is someone who is willing to listen, and to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of another person, the mentee. 

Being a mentor can be an awesome and rewarding experience. Our programmes specialise in finding mentors for community leaders, so all of our mentors know that the time they spend with their mentee is having a positive impact on people in their community.

A good mentor will:

  • Help the mentee reflect on their own current situation and goals.

  • Be an objective sounding board for their ideas and concerns.

  • Share knowledge, experience, tools and resources.

  • Make connections for the mentee to relevant people and networks.

  • Challenge the mentee and provide accountability

Our mentors often report that they find their mentee to be inspiring and seeing them develop and progress is deeply satisfying. They also report that they improve their own mentoring capability and value the opportunity to broaden their own networks with other leaders, other mentors and other sectors of their community.

What's involved

Programme orientation & training

One mentoring session per month, for six months

Networking events


End to end support

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I am passionate about our community, and have had some great mentors in my time, so it a pleasure to support the community through the Mentoring Foundation.

While I mentor others, I learn a huge amount from them, and am constantly humbled by the amazing work they do in the community.

Callum Williamson, Mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor? 

Enter your details here and we'll be in touch to more about becoming a mentor on a Mentoring Foundation programme.

Thanks for getting in contact. We'll be in touch soon.

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