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Grow your leadership

We focus on supporting leaders to be more effective by growing their capability, their confidence and their connections.

Our mentors focus on your specific leadership goals as well as the more holistic aspects that are relevant to your own context of being a leader. This helps you to build a deep understanding of leadership and a toolbox that will serve you for years to come.

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I feel like I have way more direction and purpose and clarity over where i'm going, and a clear path going forward to achieve it

Having other people to encourage and support me in what I was doing made me feel like my ideas had value.



What's involved

An initial individualised goal setting session

We meet with you to learn your specific goals, existing challenges and areas you’d like to improve in as a leader.

Programme orientation & training

Our Orientation programme prepares you to maximise the mentoring relationship. Once complete, we connect you with a mentor who can help you work on your specific priorities.


Matching is done by experienced people based on your specific priorities. We have a growing pool of mentors with a broad range of leadership experience from all sorts of sectors and industries, so you get a valuable outside perspective on your work and a match that is right for you.

One mentoring session per month, for six months (1-2 hours per session)

Typically, you and your mentor will discuss progress against your goals and any successes and challenges since the previous meeting. Then, you’ll make a plan for what you are going to achieve in the following month.

Networking events

Over the mentoring period, you’ll be connected with a network of peers and other mentors to broaden your connections and increase your learning opportunities.

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